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Welcome to the TPAC InsideOut podcast where we dive into Broadway touring productions, community theater, the performing arts as a whole, and more. Thank you for listening! 

Jul 20, 2020

Introducing TPAC InsideOut's "Warming Up With" series!

In this series, we talk with artists about their training and experiences in the performing arts, and learn how they care for their instruments and prepare for performances.

First up is Helen Huang, a Chinese-born soprano with a wide range of musical interests, spanning from baroque to the present day. Below is the song Helen performs in this episode. You can learn more about Helen at 


我住长江头 (I live at the source of the Yangzi River) 











I live at the source of the Yangzi River
You live at the tail of the Yangzi River. 

Every day I think of you, but I don’t see you. 

We drink the same Yangzi water.
When will the river stop running?
When will this torture end?
All I want is for you to think of me too,
So I won't love in vain.